How to make a proper wood home decoration from pallets

When people grow and grow, they sometimes tend to want to return the childhood with happy moments without thinking. In accordance to the thought, so many current houses are designed in the classic style with wooden furnishings and rustic accessories. One of the most preferable materials for the trend is pallets, which can be reclaimed to create natural convenient items. The wood house decoration with pallets which becomes more and more striking raises the love for any a rustic and classic thing

The products from wooden pallets come into different categories, which can be listed as the headboard, the shelves or the coffee table. All makes a great contribution to the impressive wood home decoration in the different styles but on the majority of classic theme. It is clear that pallets can be advantageous but have some negative things. the rough material and design makes it less appealing. However, the rustic feeling, the unique style and nature of the wooden products from pallets makes a striking overhead. Therefore, consider the following products from pallets and having a proper wood home decoration with them.

Rustic headboard

Are you ever thinking of making your bedroom more exciting with rustic decoration? Have you ever considered how or where to start? Actually starting from the bed is an excellent idea because it plays the central role in the bedroom and only a small change will make it look completely different. There are lots of great ideas for you to manipulate your bed without spending too much money, using little effort to allow the perfect rustic style. Rustic headboard as old barn door which becomes very popular in the bedroom decoration and interior designers are offered, especially for traditional look and in harmony with environment. So let’s try it over and how surprised you are before the great effective results it brings

One strengthening reason why it becomes well known is the fact that the interior materials are not absolutely expensive, easy-finding and changeable just with an affordable price. One example is that you can make a wooden pallet headboard panels, old shutters or even use a large painted frame to look like the picture to make appealing to the visitors

Coffee table

How prettily and dramatically a small coffee is positioned in the garden outside in order for people to enjoy the lightly sunny light and the peaceful moments. It is clear that a both coffee table and a tea one become the indispensable furniture no matter what the space and the owner’s living style. As a result, there is no doubt of your thought of finding out it in any wooden furniture store and try to choose a table which is not only beautiful but also be affordable. However, how terribly it is for you to picking out an item which is not appropriate with your hobby and sometimes how too consuming it is to choose an expensive one but not striking one.

Struggling about the proper coffee table, it is recommended to utility old pallets, which remains rustic but charming any space. To avoid being simple, a decorative vase is added to make beautiful and adorning the plain pallets. It is sometimes thought to reveal no politeness for visitors but the perfect link between the tradition of the rustic pallet table and the modern space gives a memorable impression for them. Moreover, painting with bold colors such as green or yellow can be the accent point for the modern beauty, making the room become exotic and alluring. Keep in mind that the internal space is suited with book storage, which can be used to avoid wasting.

Unique chairs

It is nearly certain that your cleverness allows the existence of comfortable chairs from pallets following the simple steps. Only by being pallets stacked over your height, in the perpendicular to the wall, you will have a convenient chair but creative one. How simple and quickly it is made and try it over once time.

When the temperature becomes lower, you are advisable to shop the mattress and a few extra pillows for the pallet chairs, which not only make comfort to sit, but also are appealing with their appearance. The more correctly a pallet is used, the more lovely wood house becomes.

Unique swing from pallets

It will a great time to play with the children by sitting on the swing placed on the courtyard and porch. How romantic it is and how relaxing it is. Harder than metal swing with artistic rolls, the swing from old pallets raises the vintage, the classic styles and the memorable childhood, which fulfills the children with the love for their roots. The feeling of peacefulness to observe the nature is just found with rustic swing

Whether how narrow or large your house is, it will be extremely crucial to making green the living space to bring the feeling of comfort for all of the members. Utilizing the old pallet for the making standing garden which contains trees, vegetables and flowers will ideally ease your hard soul. Don’t worry about the square of the house and try it over and you will see how wonderful the result becomes

Various shelves

An idea taken into consideration is creating the pallet rack, which turns to be flexible hanging and extremely convenient in furniture storage. How amazing and real the idea is. The pallet rack can facilitate all through routine and daily basic requirements of the family. They can come into different makeovers by being the rack for hats, or the shelf for cooking utensils, and lastly the shelf for shoes. One accent point of the pallet is little time consuming and cheap for any change. It takes you approximately three hours per shelf to have them stained whether the personality, the style or the color you want to choose for proper decoration in association with the house. The wooden pallet can be turned into a wine race, which spruces the kitchen up and avoid the small space. keep in mind to drill a small hole to make ease the hanging point for the wooden pallet of wine glasses

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8 tips for the wooden furniture care

Nowadays, the wooden furniture which not only brings the warmness and rustic feeling but luxury for housing space are more and more various in design and popularly preferable in the market. Therefore, to keep it durable and permanently beautiful, how essential the care for these items is. Keep in mind some following ideas of caring and try it over to have the pretty wooden furnishings for excellent wood home decoration

Dusting the dirt away from the surface

Whatever the places you live and the frequency of furnishings’ use, a thing is recommended that a regular cleaning of dirt will make the effective first step of the protection for the wood items. It is a common knowledge that feather, cotton or soft cloth is one of the most appropriate dusting tools. The tools for dusting come into varieties of categories, including respectively classic or lamb’s-wood duster, some types of soft cloths and towels. The first type called ostrich feather tool makes it suited with the fragile wooden items such as delicate collectibles and picture frames. Being a little different from the first type, lamb’s-wood duster is similar to the cleaner, which can approach any small corners and hard to reach places for all wood surfaces. It is regarded to be the ideal choice. Moreover, there is a thing that good wood furnishing need dusting by a dampen cloth to pick up the dirt without scratching the surfaces and then it is encouraged to use the terry towels to help a quicker dry

Removing the hard marks on the varnishing surface

Although the furnishings have been covered by varnish, the light characteristics can disappear with little care for cleaning for a long time. to make it look like a new thing, you can recommended to put the milk on the surface, wait it to dry and dipping the brush to wipe it extremely clearly to avoid attracting the insects such as ants and cockroaches. As a result, how hard and shining the wood is, which makes the highlights for this cleaning way. One common way is to grab a beer or oil soaked absorbent cloth and rub onto the wood to erase the stain for a long time.

Removing the harsh stains on the surface without varnishing

I have a simple but complicated formula for you to solve the stains on wooden sticks that the combination of salt of 10gram, bleach and one quarter water. Then the next step is scanning the mixture on the layer by using a broom made of coconut and easy to handle. Remember that you have to wait it become penetrated deeply into the interior wood, wash it by clean water and finishing by having an immediate dry. Alternatively, the majority of water and minority of vinegar make it perfect for the long time stain erasing. The cloth absorbent with fresh tea or green tea will be the useful tip for lighting cover.

Removing the marks due to insects

A way that is simple but effective is undertook by mixing together the flour and oil well, having it solid, applying it to the stain and lastly wiping off by clean water. Besides the mark from files, some unintentionally stains still can be caused as tea stains or oil slicks. To remove them completely, it is encouraged to let a few drops of oil in white wax, then make a water distillation until the wax is integrated into the oil. Rubbing the combination onto the affected areas and how surprising the result is. Some types of strain can be listed as crayon marks, which can be solved by rubbing the mayonnaise onto it and keeping it clean by dampen cloth.

How to remove stains on wooden candle

Pay attention to a thing that never use a sharp knife or nail to scrape because it makes the great danger for the wood. a piece of thin plastic with hand grip pressure) is advisable to be in use of wiping from the outside to the inside. If the candles can’t be removed in full amount, then soften the remaining but not burning it by holding the dryer away from the mark in a specific distance. Then it finishes easily with a towel to scraping it. One alternative way found is using an iron. Despite the same first step, keep in mind some changes in the next stage. Covering the remaining candle mark by three paper tower layers and holding the iron without making a direct touch to ensure the absorbance of candles from paper put before. Let’s undertake on advice and how easily it is removed.

Recommending some good cleaning mixtures

No matter what high-quality or normal type of wooden furnishings, they deserved to have the care by appropriate and qualified substances. The first thing taken into consideration is to keep the wood cleaned away from the water. The higher the moisture of the wood is, the more it is affected highly. So avoid water as much as possible. Moreover, oil can be seen the popular material for cleaning tools such as oil polishes and furniture oils, which is for slippery and smear layer. The second principle in oil cleaning is to pay attention to the silicone oil polishing substances and avoid the olive oil ones. Being an expert in this field, some homemade recipes which are useful but cheap are for you. One example is to use white vinegar by putting one tablespoon of vinegar into water and then proceeding to clean furniture. Dregs are a good idea by give the tea dregs in the pot and pouring a little water. After all, remember to keep dry the wood furnishing cleaned and observe the unpredictable products

Preserve the wood from the effects of the environment

The light, humidity and temperature are the most popular factors that have a profound impact on the wood furnishings. It is a common mistake that all the furniture was exposed outside to endure the extreme moisture without covering or layering. Besides, the toxin ray emitted directly from the sun is not conducive to any kind of furniture. Let’s position the wooden piece of furniture in the shade and if necessary, fix some curtains. Whether the temperature is too hot or too cold, it can also affect the paint surface and the interior quality of the product inside the timber. The best temperature is considered to be between 20-27 degrees C.

Furniture polishing properly

Let’s make a proper polish of the wood one or two times each year. keep in mind that either too much or too little can deteriorate the wooden furniture in your house.

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Painting the wooden furniture step by step

Despite how hard it looks, the activity of painting the wooden furniture is not only a simple task but attractive one. How appealing you can pain following the steps carefully and observe the furniture like a new one without money and effort consuming. Just some basic tools and the knowledge of painting, the more interesting the weekend becomes and the more beautiful your house is with the new layer of furniture in the following steps

Making an adequate preparation of painting items

The categories of painting come into varieties, which makes you embarrassing to choose. Keep in mind that all including the types, color and method are ideally appropriate with your personality and especially your house’s style.

Some necessary tools and accessories are picked up in regard to the good quality and the ability of durability. They can listed as painting brushes, the guns and some cloth put beneath to avoid the paint to drop. A little consideration is that on the base of the types of surface and the painting method, an important tool as painting brush can come into different types with a specific advantage. If you just paint thinner, you should use a broom. Foam brushing roller allows the smooth coating with the easy to use characteristics. Soft cotton is one preferred material since the ability of longtime paining holding. Besides, you are advised to clean the painting completely. Until is how properly the dirt removed, do you make ease and quality for your painting

Preparing the appropriate painting area

A thing taken into consideration then is choose an appropriate are for painting, which requires both a lot of ventilation and the large space. The idea of either the balcony or any empty room is excellent. It will work greatly if you put some of cloth on the floor to keep it clean, prepare the face mask for protecting yourself and start to paint on the perfect position.

Removing hardware and dust from the wooden furniture

Most of the wooden furniture can contain the sub details, which can listed as outside handles or cotters. You are encouraged to discharge any hardware that is glued to the wooden items because how complicated painting is with a large number of patterns. Make sure that don’t forget to cover the removed hardware with paint in no effect from the remaining parts. In addition, how necessary it is to cover the sinking lock with tape and fill the cracks or holes found on the surface of the furniture. By doing that, the more easily the work becomes, the happier and more certain the worker feel.

Using the sandpaper

The next step is to make the surface of the furniture rubbed and have the protective layer by varnish and lacquer disappeared with sandpaper. You are recommended to choose the sandpaper on the base of the painting-necessary area’s size. Either a small piece for a block part of furniture or bigger sandpaper for larger quarter is reasonable if the coating by paint is smooth and durable using. Lastly, sandpapering should be done to offer a primer coat. Some parts of indentations should be kept in mind to be sandpapered by hand as properly as possible. Don’t leave the portions filling wood without paint to make sure that its eruption will be associated with the remaining part.

Creating a proper primers and coat

A thing done the first and foremost is to build an entire paint of the surface of the furniture, which offers a proper primer. It is thought to have lining painted very thinly and evenly. It looks as if you are sewing the lining for cloth and you need to be patient to have a certain primer. Repeat again if you feel that how too thin the primer is after the primer dried, jumping to the main point with coat painting. A basic technique is to use paint brushes in direction of the wood grain, which allows filling the gap easily

Making an impressive finish

To have absolutely painted wood furniture, waiting it become dry and inserting the details in rightly place is considered the best steps. As a sequence how amazing the result is and how happy you are after completing the work of painting. keep in mind that the more carefully you work, the new-looking furniture is

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Ideas of wood bathroom decorations

Have you ever seen a house in the classic European house, which is outstanding for the wooden bedroom? Have you ever dreamed of once time sleeping in such a rustic bedroom? Don’t need to be admirable because you can completely enjoy the feeling by designing the bedroom in the rustic style, which raises the warmness and appealing. The typical bedroom with wooden trending will make appealing but simple and rustic for any visitors, which is specified in some following parts


Some rustic materials come into different categories of natural wood, pallets and faux-wooden. The natural wood can be the ideal choice but little in use for fashionable houses. An alternative material is faux wooden items, which is not expensive but brings the rustic style just a small change such as painting or wallpaper. Moreover, how impressive and money saving to reclaim the old pallets to build a new wooden wall. There is no doubt that it is an excellent idea. A thing taken into consideration is to choose the color in accordance with your personality and the house’s theme. If you are looking forward to a warm bedroom, colors as red or yellow will bring a deeper sleep for you. Besides, wooden ceilings creates the perfect combination with the warming design of the fireplace, which offers a cozy atmosphere in the color of brown cockroach wings, red brick and yellow cream.


in accordance to the traditional look, the furniture are usually designed with soft smooth lines and pattern, which raises the root of the country, conversely, the simple, straight lines which are slim and neat are suited with simple trend. Decoration of the wooden furniture comes into different choices of color. Similarly to the wall, on the base of the house owner’s characteristics, the color embellishes their personalities. Take a serious notice because making decorative the top of the bed is extremely important because they make a great contribution to the enchanting beauty of the bedroom. The wooden headboard with different designs will make it fussy, appealing and strengthening for visitors in the first time.

In addition to beds, wardrobes and tables, even the smallest accessories can be built by utilizing the wood for decoration is also fully utilized. The light boxes above is a typical example. Last but not least, to prevent the space from becoming cramped with a large closet, how good it is to select a few small wooden cabinets set apart but still very useful in furniture storage.


For task lighting, such as reading in bed or working at a writing desk, place a nearby table lamp with a country style or antique shade. Bring drama to the room with accent lighting — candles are an excellent option, especially when displayed in a cluster, or when combined with a rustic candle stand or sconce.

There is an incorrect thought that the light shouldn’t be attended too much because how unnecessary it is. However, actually, adapting light at reasonable degree creates a romantic atmosphere. In generally, to cover all the parts in the bedroom, a chandelier is recommended to spread light. How much light on bedroom is never good but how much harsh glares and shadows is not good. One solution for this is utility the fixtures with soft characteristics. Sometimes, it is preferable to sitting on the bed and reading a book. As a result, to make it possible and convenient, it would be great if you purchase a table lamp in ancient movable design or candle in a rustic stand, which not only brings the romantic feeling but also be relaxing and peaceful for you

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How to make decorative the wall panel

Building the wall panel perfectly is thought to be the end and no caring for the wooden wall such as decorations is made, which is completely incorrect. Let’s imagine how terrible the panel is with easy appearing grooves or old coverings, consequently, the effort to make home improvement by wooden wall is too consuming. Therefore, pay certain attention to the decorations of wall panel and how surprising the effect on your house is.


Whether a new wall has been just built with beautiful panel or a badly old one, painting always provides an impressive cover and colorfully fine appearance of it. Actually, it comes into different ways of painting decoration styles, so what is the appropriate one you should choose? In particular, coloring the wall is associated with the remaining of the wooden furniture, which follows the traditional look. To make the cover more perfectly, every piece of interior panel should be painted similarly and fitted with wall. Moreover, have you ever felt surprised with the wall of Venetian marble style? Don’t need to be too admirable because how easily you make such a faked wall just with having it gilded in the mixture of paint. Moreover, adding murals is a great idea for making decorative the walls. In accordance of the style, whether a classic large picture is for all through panel or one specific scene is for every piece can be appropriate. Keep in mind that painting the paneled wall beautifully completely bases on your house style and your personalities, which contributes to wood house contribution.

There is a small notice you should know that painting a part piece of the wall and covering it all by using a brushing roll through the beginning to the end point. Keep patient, wait for a dry wall and repeat the action above to make a durable coat. You are advisable lastly not to forget to put a compound to fill all the grooves and have them look smooth with sand. Try it over, keep patient and you will have a perfect painting cover


In addition to painting, covering it by the wallpapers is also how to make decorative the wall. It not only colors the plain panel but also embellishes it by some pretty motifs and patterns, which include many different categories as floral and geometric ones. One special material which is preferred popularly in the market as the warmth and convenience is faux wood wallpapers. As preferable as this material, the metallic foil one tends to be more outstanding and modern no matter what the style of the wall. It is clear that each type has a specific advantage and the choice is recommended on the base of your liking. So let’s choose and start to cover by wallpapers for making beautiful the wall and largely creating the perfect wood housing decoration

Ornamental Molding

To make the plain panels more perfect, strengthen it by ornamental moldings, which come into different styles such as Art deco or rococo styles. Instead of changing completely the panel, making a little different the corners design which is in the accordance with the interior paneling mold is an ideal tip. As a result, the wall will have special highlights but also keep the intact appearance. Alternatively, medallions or cartouches make a great contribution to the core of the panel with the inside support of garlands, which create the elegant effects for your house


Have you ever observed a large mirror attached to the panel wall and thought how unique it is? In actual, it is a new unique design, which can be molded with gold or silver material to look more dramatic. Mixing the dye and glaze to faux the glass to look like a lot of cloud will touch the heart of ancient-loving people. Another good tip is hanging a similar mirror the internal panels to make widen the paneled wall. Moreover, whether the frames are painted appropriately with the panels, are designed in the same dimensions as the wall, it creates the tight connections. The more clearly it is linked with the walls, the more cohesive and impressive they become



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